According to some statistics, there are 100 million internet users globally who watch marketing videos/day, 60% of them prefer watching animated videos and 90% of them decide to make a purchase right after watching the video. The above numbers show that the animated video genre is a popular marketing trend for many businesses. So what is video animation? The following article is a summary of information around business project video production in the form of "animated". Let's find out more details with TRON HOUSE.




Video Animation, also known as Motion Graphic, helps describe products/services or messages that businesses want to convey to users in the form of animations. Typically, this type of video will have a duration ranging from 2-3 minutes.




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Instead of other videos with boring and dry introductory content. The video animation will convey more vivid, interesting, and effective when businesses want to say something to their customers.




The first is the target audience. For businesses with specific categories, video animation is likened to "a catalog" so that viewers can better understand their products/services. Because the information in this video is concise, concise, colorful, vivid images, cheerful sounds and contributes to higher brand awareness. Besides, this type of video also attracts attention from potential customers and increases the likelihood of buying from them.


Take the specific example of the animation video “What is Free Fire”, whose goal is to promote the game Free Fire. Instead of video content showing a dramatic, violent style in the spirit of this game, the company 111 Dots Studio has produced videos in an interesting and new way, with fun content to attract more players.




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The next objects are recruitment candidates and human resources in an enterprise. Through animated video, the company data is not only conveyed concisely and completely but also easily create closer and more friendly with the candidates and the HR system of the enterprise.


Next are the partners and investors. This is a way to show all information related to the business, overview of the market, ... Filming an animated advertisement will have a direct impact on the memory and emotions of investors, potential partners.


Over the pastime, the Covid-19 epidemic has had a significant impact on the offline and online business activities of businesses. Understanding that difficulty, Kiotviet has produced an animation video of an online sales software product, helping many businesses save costs and skyrocket sales in the context of a complicated pandemic. With the meaningful main message conveyed by vivid video, Kiotviet not only makes an impression in the eyes of customers but also with potential partners and investors.




In the digital age of 4.0, businesses should not ignore animation video distribution platforms such as websites and social networks. With complex products/services, customers often have the habit of finding information on the internet with search engines before deciding to buy. You can distribute this video on SEO-optimized websites to explain information to customers. In addition, animated videos are also an attractive form of content for you to post on Facebook or Youtube, reaching more target audiences and especially Gen Z.




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Broadcast the video of your business in stores, exhibitions or showrooms. When owning a video introducing the animation genre, also act as a "marketer". Because the information in it mentions products/services, instructions for use, ... That helps businesses reach closer to potential customers and increase the likelihood of them remembering your brand more.


For events and seminars, instead of cumbersome and difficult presentations, video animation will be an ideal tool for different events. The main purpose is to increase the enjoyment of the audience in the auditorium with impressive animation and sound.




To produce a quality animated video, from content to visual effects must also go through a standard process. It is the participation and working interaction of both Client and Agency (the unit providing advertising video editing services). What follows is a basic 5-step process for completing an animated video.




The first job that the production unit will do is to send the customer (business) some necessary questions for an animated video. Once the answers have been collected, a complete version of the basic content is completed, called a brief.


Businesses should provide detailed, complete and accurate information. Because the content will be done by the agency and shown in the video animation. That is information about the business, products/services and especially the purpose of the entire video.




Once the information is collected, the production unit will coordinate with the enterprise to create the most comprehensive scenario. From big idea (main message), concept (idea) to content and video commentary.




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Once the idea for the entire video is agreed upon, agency will develop a storyboard sketch for each segment in the video, then send it to the client for viewing and approval. The images inside the storyboard will include the context, characters, plot, ... If you have completed this sketch, you can start editing the animation video.



Animators (animation artists) will be the ones who perform the character's movements and the camera's movements, thereby adding realism and vibrancy to the characters and the context of the video. These actions will help the audience feel that they are actually watching a compelling film, based on the previously approved storyboard.




The final step will be a combination of movements with commentary, music and subtitles for the video. Once the demo is completed and after the feedback editing from the customer, the quality video animation is completed and can serve the marketing activities of the business.




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That is the encapsulated information about business video production in the animation genre (movement). This form is considered as "the shortest way" to help businesses reach customers more easily. Hopefully, this latest blog post from TRON HOUSE will help you understand more in detail about animated videos, from which to have creative ideas to produce videos for your business.



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