It can be said that TikTok is one of the most popular applications today, and according to a statistic, this social network has achieved 850 million downloads around the world in 2020. Accordingly, TikTok has a way to work by having users post short videos from 15 seconds to 3 minutes. To decide if your video goes viral and pops into a trend, it will depend on TikTok's algorithm. If you are intending on video production to be uploaded to TikTok for the purpose of brand marketing campaigns, take a look at the information that TRON HOUSE shares below to better understand!




In the process of creative video prodution and uploading to TikTok, this social network will analyze the content of the video, through the application of natural language processing and computer vision technology.




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The information extracted in each video is clearly analyzed by TikTok, in order to understand the context and content that users post, such as:


  • Computer vision is understood as the factors in the video being analyzed, for example, the number of people/ characters appearing in the video (men, women, children, ...); the nature of the objects detected by the algorithm (laptops, coffee shops, ...); environment/area/place where the scene and action take place (home, office, ...).
  • Audio has been transliterated: this is the part that helps viewers understand the content of the video in detail.
  • Metadata: All video data such as video title, video description, hashtags used by the uploader.




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According to ByteDance - the parent company of TikTok, artificial intelligence - AI powers all of ByteDance's content platforms. This “big man” also said: “We are in the process of creating intelligent machines with the ability to understand and analyze text/images/videos through the application of computer vision technology and natural language processing. This allows us to bring the most interesting content to our users, giving creators an extra incentive to share more of the exciting moments in their videos with viewers around the world.”




For instance, after you launch a product promotion video, TikTok will perform content analysis and know the basic elements of your video. The platform will randomly distribute videos to the right users, stopping at 100-200-400 views.


This is a step that helps TikTok rates how viral the video content is, by measuring the reaction from viewers to the video. Specifically, the spread of the video will be decided according to the index system with the following scale:


  • The review rate corresponds to 10 points;
  • The completion rate corresponds to 8 points;
  • Share equals 6 points;
  • Comments correspond to 4 points;
  • Hit adaptation with 2 points.




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As you can see, the engagement rate per viewer is the number one metric. However, if you go to TikTok and have the video play continuously, this will not help the video pops into a trend or goes viral, because this factor is evaluated based on each user interacting with your video.


As a result, each video will be tied to each score, and if this metric goes above a certain threshold analyzed by TikTok, the video will be promoted and recommended to a larger audience until it goes viral strongly on TikTok.


So, for each content creator who wants to have product promotion videos to introduce products for brands, keep in mind that not all videos uploaded to TikTok will be in vogue. Above all, it is better to reach the right audience, because if it is proposed to hundreds or millions of viewers who are not interested in the video content, it will become "nonsense".



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For that reason, you should choose for the brand's TikTok account a cross-section of content, be it movies, cooking, career guidance, or photography, ...and provide videos around the topic chosen to help TikTok accurately evaluate the brand's account.


In addition, TikTok will make a user experience assessment with the first 5 seconds of the video, so create curiosity in the opening intro for them, such as using countdown effects, black array effects head, ...


Note that you should produce as short a video as possible, because the content is too long, making it difficult for viewers to be patient to watch it all. The ideal length for each video is under 30 seconds. In case your content is too long, it should be divided into sections corresponding to one video, this will help viewers interact highly and follow the next videos.

You should upload videos regularly, and take the time to evaluate and measure the golden hour frame on the channel to get as many views as possible. The best time frame that you can post a video is around 11 am-12 pm and 8 pm-22 pm.




One of the strengths of TikTok for users is that it learns about you to provide you with the most relevant content. So, after you download TikTok to your smartphone and open the app for the first time, you'll be served a live stream of videos without having to sign up for an account.


However, this is not just a UX - User Experience, this approach will help TikTok serve the following parallel purposes:


“Hold” users to stay longer: by showing users videos with high engagement rates to track your reactions;

Understand what users like: TikTok will learn more about you, your video habits, thereby building a profile for you as a new user - a new user of the application.




Similar to the way TikTok uses a scale to evaluate the virality of a video, this algorithm is also used to analyze your profile. For each time you watch all the video or repeat it, your score is scaled to adjust recommendations for the video based on your previous interactions.


Besides, the more video content you watch, the more your profile will be optimized in the TikTok algorithm, which in turn will appear more relevant content on your newsfeed. In particular, factors such as geographical location and the date/time of each day when you use TikTok are also part of the data applied by this social network's algorithm.






If you have a video production plan to promote on TikTok, make sure to understand the operation of the application's algorithm so that you can optimize the content for the video. The sharing in the blog post of TRON HOUSE, hopefully, has helped you to have a "golden key" to open a thousand opportunities for your brand. Please refer, read carefully and apply properly!