Post-production is the most complex stage in the video production process. Because it requires post-production human resources, experienced editors, skills to be able to edit colors, images, video editing, sound effects, etc.

In this article, TRON HOUSE will share with you 4 great tips to make the video post-production process easier!




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Arrange the footage to make the editing process easier


The Editors team takes the time to learn about the content and ideas that the video wants to convey to viewers in order to accurately arrange the sequence of scenes. To make this stage more convenient, editors can hold a meeting with the members of the video production team to receive information about the ideas of each scene, recording the script, the text needed to insert when editing video.




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Edit images and audio to convey video stories


Editing visual and sound effects is one of the most important steps in post-production. Does the font insert in the video fit the eye of the viewer? Is the animation in the video appealing enough? Using 3D graphic effects, 360 is becoming the current trend of video marketing. Is your video content suitable for applying these trending graphic trends?


To ensure that what viewers see on the video matches what they hear, editors need to insert sound effects based on frame. This step may take a long time to complete. However, the length of time depends on the content of your video. You need to use an audio file of a suitable format. Besides, if your promotional video will be posted on the YouTube channel, select the music file that does not infringe copyright. Finally, the whole team can sit together to check each shot to see if it matches the sound, and the visual effects are appropriate.




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Edit color for the video


Once the visual and sound effects have been added, this is the right time to edit the color of the video. Color correction is the process of changing the color of the light with a digital filter so that each shot fits together. Editors will adjust the exposure, such as this shot focused too much light, while the other shot lack of light. In addition, editors also fix the problem of the color of the inappropriate light, adjust the white balance, etc.




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Insert title and end cards


Adding titles and end cards are two important factors to make the video complete. The header of the video and the end cards are the title image placed at the end of the video. Brands often design end cards for video to provide viewers with information about the service, the name of the production firm, the model, etc. Besides, end cards are also seen as a short text summary, key message that you want to convey via video. End cards are often used to highlight brand names, logos, brand information. At the same time, it is also a way to encourage viewers to "act" through the use of Call-to-action such as: "Please contact us", etc.




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Post-production is a difficult and complex stage because it requires the coordination of an entire production team, professional skills, time and effort. After reading the above article, have you updated yourself with great tips to make the video post-production process easier? If you are looking for creative marketing videos, please contact TRON HOUSE now!



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